MP MIDI Plugin Preset Launcher

Building on our collaboration with MP MIDI to deliver touch functionality to the MP MIDI Controller, we have created a MP MIDI library to showcase the simplicity of loading plugin presets via the touch interface.

This library utilises the power of Flexi-deck macros to instantly load the target plugin. A sample set of 24 presets are defined within the example library with full instructions how to modify the User library to invoke your own plugin presets using the Flexi-deck Creator software.

We hope you will find that this function enhances your use of the MP MIDI Controller and the touch interface.

The MP MIDI Preset Launcher is just one example of the power of the Flexi-deck workflow and automation tool to automate and control application and system functions.

Flexi-deck 30 day trial / Free Player Version 1.16.0
MP MIDI Plugin Preset Launcher Version 1.0.1
MP MIDI Plugin Preset Files Version 1.0.1
Plugin Preset Launcher Flexi-deck Setup guide Version 1.0.1
Plugin Preset Launcher User Guide Version 1.0.1