System automation tool

Powerful, multi-layered automation tool offering
complete system and application automation

System Automation Tool

Powerful multi-layered automation tool offering complete system and application automation.

What is Flexi-deck?

What is Flexi-deck?

Flexi-deck is a unique productivity tool to automate repetitive user interface processes.

Flexi-deck interacts with desktop managers and their applications. It can be used to control advanced graphical systems, such as Digital Audio Workstations, aid touchscreen interaction in education and exhibitions and enhances system training and system administration with its ability to automate and annotate complex user interfaces and system procedures.

The power of the Flexi-deck tool is its simple to use graphical editors to define process workflows and the playback mechanism that utilises advanced system control techniques, drawing on an in-depth understanding of system, desktop and application architecture.

Once created the process scripts can be invoked from multi-layered onscreen menus, command line interfaces and any flexi-deck client application allowing for fully automated command and control of repetitive system processes.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Flexi-deck’s powerful and intuitive Macro Editor allows for the easy creation of action sets, known as macros, needed to be performed to automate a specific process. Once created they can be invoked in a number of ways, including our unique onscreen menus, command line interface and keyboard shortcuts.

Macro actions cater for the automation of simple tasks through to the challenging task of automating the most complex application procedures.

Onscreen Menus

Coupling flexi-deck macros with onscreen menus makes for a powerful and intuitive user interface. The menu editor can be used to create a wealth of interconnected menus to invoke playback procedures as required.

Who uses Flexi-deck?

Who uses Flexi-deck?

Literally anyone that can benefit from automating repetitive system or application tasks at the ‘touch of a button’. Users of Digital Audio Workstation applications, such as recording studios, music producers, DJ’s. Educationalists utilising whiteboard applications. Those involved with presentations or exhibitions. Systems or network integrators that need to record complex set up or configuration routines. Anyone utilising touchscreens as their main interface. Creating product help / how to systems. Usage is only limited by your imagination. Need we say more?

Testimonial 1
As a music producer and sound engineer utilising the latest technologies I have always had a keen interest in software aids that increase productivity and efficiency in both the studio and live performances. Aware of both the usefulness and limitations of automation software in the DAW environment and advising on the development of this product I believe that Felix-deck delivers a unique approach to system and application automation like no other.

Tony Brown, Ninjaneer Music
Testimonial 2
I have been using various types of automation software for years on the Mac to improve productivity and ease of use. However there has always been a limit as to what can be achieved with this type of software. Flexi-Deck is a game changer in the world of system automation. It can intelligently control application processes like no other software. Combined with the transparent floating onscreen menus, available at a touch of a button, memorising key stokes is a thing of the past. This is truly automation software re-invented!

Felix Bird, Film Score Composer and Producer. www.felixbird.com