Flexi-deck Creator is used to create macro libraries and the associated menu sets.
You can create libraries tailored to your specific needs to automate any repetitive system or application task.
Interaction with complex applications can be vastly improved with the use of specific library sets.
We have also created a number of useful libraries to aid the automation of various mainstream applications.

Digital Audio

DAW systems are complex and technical applications that really benefit from a degree of automation.

Working alongside some Digital Audio specialists we have created some core libraries and utilities to help control and automate interaction with these highly specialised applications.
Logic Pro A number of libraries aimed at Logic Pro users
Pro Tools An entry level library aimed at ProTools users
Plugin Launchers Instantly launch plugins with this comprehensive set of plugin launchers
Utilities A selection of useful DAW utilities
Video and Image Editing

Video and imaging applications are often functionally rich and lend themselves to being semi-automated when dealing with complex tasks.

We have created some useful libraries to work with a few of the popular applications.
Final Cut Pro Apple’s premier video editor
Apple Motion Apple’s offering to create and edit motion graphics
Pixelmator Pro Professional image editing tools