These videos show the visual aspects of the Flexi-deck utility and demonstrate it in use in various configurations and controlling a variety of applications. There are examples of Flexi-deck in use on a Logic Pro system as well as other system automation tasks.

Macro Editor

A short video showing the creation of a simple macro used to open various plugins in Logic Pro

This video demonstrates the power of calling macros from within a macro to set up a work-space in Logic Pro.

Advanced Macro Editor

To help understand some of the more complex aspects of macro creation we have created a number of instructional videos. This one shows how to use the UI element editor indicating its ability to locate the correct UI element in an ever changing UI environment.

Menu Editor

This video shows Flexi-deck's menu editor in action. We demonstrate the various menu types that can be created as well as their position options. We also show the customisation of the buttons and their functions.

This video demonstrates some more advanced functions of the menu editor allowing various behaviours to exist on menus and their sub menus.

Playback Examples

This movie shows FD macros opening the gain, equalizer and compressor plugins in Logic Pro followed by 'clear audio channel' which clears all three plugins in one click followed by a scroll through Logic Pro's audio unit menus to open the Universal Audio folder.. normally a laborious scrolling process but with Flexi-deck is one click away!

Flexi-deck is used to initialize a variety of Logic Pro's tracks for music creation. Batch renaming of tracks is a case of entering the desired text in the first row and clicking +8 or any of the other options in the RENAME column. 16 Drum Tracks showcase the ability to combine track creation and naming into a single macro. Excess tracks can be simply erased.

Shows Flexi-deck opening an EXS instrument using the instrument matrix, creating a bus, opening gain and Space Designer plugins using the plugin matrix, the magnifier and finally the nudge wheel to arrange regions in pre determined musical or time divisions.

A simple Flexi-deck menu that invokes some important Multitrack features for use with a touch screen during a live concert.