Testimonial 1
As a music producer and sound engineer utilising the latest technologies I have always had a keen interest in software aids that increase productivity and efficiency in both the studio and live performances. Aware of both the usefulness and limitations of automation software in the DAW environment and advising on the development of this product I believe that Felix-deck delivers a unique approach to system and application automation like no other.

Tony Brown, Ninjaneer Music
Testimonial 2
I have been using various types of automation software for years on the Mac to improve productivity and ease of use. However there has always been a limit as to what can be achieved with this type of software. Flexi-Deck is a game changer in the world of system automation. It can intelligently control application processes like no other software. Combined with the transparent floating onscreen menus, available at a touch of a button, memorising key stokes is a thing of the past. This is truly automation software re-invented!

Felix Bird, Film Score Composer and Producer. www.felixbird.com