These screen shots show the user interface dialogs used to construct Flexi-deck macro sets and the types of on-screen menus that can be created to invoke the macros.

Macro Editor

Manage and construct Flexi-deck macros from a comprehensive set of Action functions
Macros are at the heart of the product and consist of a number of actions required to automate a specific process.

Individual actions are sequenced to create powerful macros. One of the real powers of Flexi-deck is to direct actions to UI elements within the application UI architecture and not be restricted to positional playback. This allows playback to work 100% accurately irrespective of the position or location or state of the receiving application – it’s a real game changer in system automation.

Menu Editor

Create unlimited, interconnected, flexible on-screen menus to invoke Flexi-deck macros at the touch/click of a button.
On-screen menus are fully configurable regarding shape, size, colours, transparency, position, text, icons and behaviour. Menus can be manually repositioned and menu buttons can be used to invoke and manipulate other menus allowing for full control of the automated process.

Example on-screen menus

Keyboard Editor

Create simple or complex keystroke sets used within the macro playback.
The keyboard editor offers a comprehensive method to construct and control keystroke playback to ensure keystrokes sequences are replicated in the manner required by the target application.