Sets of flexi-deck macros and any associated onscreen menus that have been created for a specific project or application can be exported for distribution and utilised by other Flexi-deck users. These are referred to as Flexi-deck libraries.

It is our hope to build a number of useful libraries that can add immediate value and functionality for a range of popular applications.

To this end we have worked with a professional music producer and live performance engineer to create a comprehensive library for Logic Pro users that automate a large number of repetitive tasks typically performed when using Logic Pro in a studio or live performance environment.

This library and full documentation is available in our support section here

Library development

We would like to hear from any enthusiastic users that would be interested in working with us to create Flexi-deck libraries for other Digital Audio Workstation systems and any other suitable applications that would benefit from Flexi-deck automation.

Please get in touch to discuss our Library Development Reward Scheme.